Maleny Precinct springs to life

The last year has certainly been a busy one. Collaborative and funded projects between MDSRC and its sports and service clubs and the school, have resulted in netball and little athletics successfully building their facilities to a much higher standard. Our grants section, chaired by Greg Williams, also provided strong support and assistance for projects that have reaped rewards for soccer, rugby, touch football, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, tennis, Maleny gym, croquet, swimming, bridge and bowls. It’s pleasing therefore to see the release of the Draft Masterplan for Sport and Recreation, with its recommendations for facilities at Witta, the Showgrounds and the Community Precinct. MDSRC supports the draft report, which would see upgrades in major sporting facilities in Maleny. The report was also supported unanimously at the October meeting of Sunshine Coast Councillors. The long process that led to the draft report involved several years of discussion, initiated by MDSCR with all sporting and recreational clubs. Maleny’s many clubs contributed meaningful and detailed information to assist in informing plans for the future. This led to Council engaging Strategic Leisure to conduct further broad consultation with interested organisations, stakeholders and residents. Many workshops and meetings took place with representatives from these organisations, enabling the consultants to prepare reports based on the facts before them. It was also pleasing to see attendance from some of the environmental organisations, with Barung Landcare and Lake Baroon Catchment Care also contributing to the discussions. Anyone driving down the new Parklands Drive to the MDSRC leased area on the Maleny Community Precinct, or taking a walk on the developing walking trails network, will see that the once weedy paddocks are being rapidly transformed into a place where the community will be able to experience a variety of pursuits. MDSRC and its membership of Maleny’s sporting and recreational groups, that have provided so much information to Council for so long, can be proud of what has and is being achieved. Here is an update on the MDSRC lease area and other significant Precinct developments:
  • Council and MDSRC finalised the lease for the MDSRC area (Maleny Sport and Recreation Park) acknowledging equestrian and other sporting/recreational use is a good outcome, to be developed in stages as need arises and funds become available
  • MDSRC has called for further expressions of interest from all of its member clubs interested in utilising the lease area
  • a new underground electricity cable has been installed to replace the old overhead supply (which will be removed) taking 3 phase power to the site of the Beersheba Living Museum being built on the MDSRC lease area. After some small delays involving the new road construction, the concrete slab will be poured shortly, making way for construction of the building.
  • The 5th Maleny Light Horse Troop has commenced training exercises on the MDSRC lease, and other equestrian groups have also started to use the area
  • The initiative from MDSRC to construct a picnic area beneath the large Fig tree in the north of our lease that graces Parklands Drive, is progressing well. Ground beneath the tree has been weeded and mulched in readiness by Council, and we are now waiting for the final design before completing the construction.
  • We’re hoping Council will repeat this design and facility under the other magnificent Fig tree next to the walking trail just outside MDSRC’s lease, as it too will provide welcome shade and a rest area for walkers.
  • Parklands Drive services access for all now to the southern areas of the Precinct, and for any future activities, as per the recommendation of the approved 2010 Precinct Master Plan
  • Walking trails surrounding the lease area and the golf course are now open, and accessible from both the township and behind Pattemore House, with the network being further developed by Council
  • Interpretive and directional Precinct signage is in final design stages and nearing completion.