Precinct News Update as at Sept. 2008

Maleny Precinct Update September 2008 The Maleny Precinct Working Group has met on three occasions. Its inaugural meeting was on 1st September 2008. Members had an informal meeting on 16th September to discuss some key issues. It held its second official meeting on 7th October which was preceded by a site visit to the Precinct. The Maleny Precinct Working Group members are: Councillor Jenny McKay Council Facilitator Steve Gould Maleny Historical Society Stan Collard MALPAN Bob Hall MDSRC Mike Norman Maleny Golf Club Max Whitten Barung Landcare Heather Spring & Daryl Ebenezer MalenyGreen Hills Steve Swayne & Steven Lang The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has established a technical team within Council that will liaise with the working group as and when required. We are very fortunate to have Steve Gould as the facilitator and his efforts to date in coordinating the various personalities and groups have been invaluable. It has been agreed that a press release will be made available to the Range News after each official meeting and will be approved prior to release by Councillor Jenny McKay. The reason for this formality is to avoid there being any personal interpretations put on the outcome of each meeting. We urge members to read these releases to get a feel for the mood of the meetings and progress achieved. Of significance to MDSRC members is the fact that we now have approval for a “technical team” made up of trained volunteers to go on to site to peg out within the sporting area the proposed joint clubhouse – to be used for all sports and social facilities, four playing fields and two bowls greens. The working team will conduct the survey between 17 – 19th October. Once completed the results will be reviewed by the Precinct Working Group. The outcome of this exercise will be reviewed together with work done by other groups in their respective areas in a meeting chaired by Councillor McKay scheduled for 28th October. We hope that Council will allow an open day for Club members and the community at large to view the layout for the proposed sporting facilities and joint Club House and provide comments. Once this has been completed, the Maleny Golf Club will peg out its proposed community golf course and repeat the above consultation process. The MDSRC has conducted a sports audit of all the major sporting groups within the Maleny and Witta area and a comprehensive document is currently under review by an independent body before presentation to Council. With all the developments that are taking place your Committee has approved the appointment of the CPR Group to develop a business plan for the Club. This group is well known to sporting bodies in Maleny as well as to Council, Government, Aid and Donor Agencies and we believe will prove invaluable to us in the years ahead. We will keep you advised of further developments and are very pleased to have the website up and running as a source of information. Mike Norman President MDSRC