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Maleny and District Men’s Shed 

The Men’s Shed started unofficially in 2011 and offers its members a special meeting opportunity that is not obtainable through other social outlets within the community. Members often take part in community functions that provide a ‘feeling of worth’ and ‘giving back to the community’. Past members, as well as those from the general community, are always welcome to meet with the group members for morning tea. This provides a social support network. Activities offered at Maleny Men’s Shed include:

         ·      woodwork and carpentry, 

         ·     metal-work machining and fabrication,

         ·      basic welding,

         ·      blacksmithing, 

         ·      gardening, 

         ·      restoration and maintenance of tools and machinery, 

         ·      restoration of farm machinery, including horse drawn wagons, 

         ·      refurbishment of antique telecommunication equipment such as telephones and switchboards, 

         ·      visits to places of interest to members, 

         ·      restoring furniture and toys, 

         ·      BBQs and other social events for members, 

         ·      Participation in community events (eg Maleny Show), 

         ·      Conducting information sessions on men’s health by expert guest speakers.

We meet at our HQ – Pioneer Village Precinct, 7 Bryce Lane Maleny and are normally open Tuesday and Friday 08.30 to 13.00, eventually, after the virus has passed

History of the Club

Back in 2011, Stan Collard, President of the Maleny Historical Society, asked if we would be interested in starting a Men’s Shed at the Pioneer Village.  His idea was that this would provide the Society with a greater workforce to help with maintenance at the village, this carries on until this day.  Prior to this, the Men’s Shed had been registered by the Uniting Church.  When we agreed with Stan’s proposal he handed over a cheque for $500 from Mrs. Florence Woods, this was to be spent at Meg Hyde’s Drapery shop.  Meg had purchased a woodworking shop along with its stock which was in storage.  A lathe and many components were purchased and this was the initial start of equipment for use at the Maleny and District Men’s Shed.  The Historical Society gave us use of the big shed, which soon became our home for a number of years until we were in a position to build our own shed on the Maleny Historical Society’s grounds owned by the Uniting Church.  The initial committee was set up with Wayne Schultz, President, Kevin Howell as Secretary, and Coral Schultz filling in as Treasurer until a replacement was found. All monies raised by the Men’s Shed were initially banked through the Historical Society’s account, so their Treasurer became our Treasurer until the Men’s Shed became incorporated in 2014 when we opened our own bank account and looked after our own finances.  Doug Robinson then became our first Treasurer in the 2015-16 year. This followed with Peter Fitzgibbon taking on the role of President from 2015-2018, Malcolm Baker as Secretary, and Doug Robinson as Treasurer, followed by Peter Robertson. Colin Kielly became treasurer in the 2016-17 year.   In 2018-19, Ric Townsend became President, Malcolm Baker, Secretary, and Colin Kielly, Treasurer. 2019 – 20 Kevin Trevarthen is President, Lindsay Hay Secretary, and Colin Kielly Treasurer.

From the six to eight members we started with in 2011, we now have 45 members, and are about to build our second shed.  Shed members have performed a huge amount of work for the Historical Society, as was our charter, as well as the many other successes we have had helping local men through tough and challenging times. You can follow us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/malenymensshed/