The Rotary Rock

There are a lot of famous big rocks in Australia, so it is great to have a legendary Rotary Rock right here in Maleny. Here’s the story….. The Rotary Centenary Project for Rotary Club of Maleny in 2005 was the refurbishment of the Howells Knob Lookout at Reesville, in conjunction with the then Caloundra City Council. It was decided to obtain a large rock to house a directional plaque at a new rotunda for visitors.

Rotary sourced a one tonne rock from Bracalba Quarry near Kenilworth and transported it to Howells Knob in Chris Brooker’s ute. The Rock was placed on site by Council and the plaque established but unfortunately the plaque only lasted a short period until it was removed/stolen. This rendered the rock a bit of a mystery to visitors!

Approximately 11 years later, at the same time that Maleny District Sport and Rec Club was looking out for a base for a new plaque at the flagpoles base at their newly-built new clubhouse on the Maleny Precinct, Council had decided that the rock had become a trip hazard. This is completely understandable, said rock being approx. 550 x 600 x 500.  Because the MDSRC building also houses the 5th Light Horse Troop’s Beersheba Museum and memorabilia, MDSRC and the Troop were actively seeking a suitably impressive base for a plaque.  As Patron of MDSRC, Rotarian Chris Brooker suggested moving and using the rock. Concerned the rock at Howells Knob had become problematical for Council, Rotary were very happy to agree to have it rehoused onto the Ziza Field in front of the sport and rec building, and gave the green light to the idea.  Council got on board, and moved the rock with a crane truck and an excavator, carefully placing it on site. The Rotary Rock is now very happy on the Ziza Field in its new situation – it seems very happy there with a great view of the Community Precinct, its brand new plaque sitting proudly on top.

In case you’re wondering, the rotunda atop Howells Knob is still very functional – and it’s great to see that the signage recognising Rotary is still visible, despite a bit of graffiti.  As an end to this tale, the Rotary Rock is now a long term link between Rotary Club of Maleny and MDSRC.
Photo: L – R Chris Brooker, Greg Williams, Lyn Guerney, and Mike Norman at the Rock’s new installation at MDSRC HQ in 2016