(SPC) ITEM 3.2.7 – MALENY COMMUNITY PRECINCT Council Resolution (OM08/194)

Moved by: Councillor McKay

Seconded by: Councillor Brennan

That Council:

(a) commence a Master Planning process for the Maleny Community Precinct using the Approved Concept Plan and Development Intent Statement (Attachment 1 to this report) as a basis for further detailed investigation and technical assessment(s), particularly with regard to location and need for sporting fields and determining appropriately sized and located buffers to ecologically significant areas;

(b) delegate to the Chief Executive Officer the allocation of the following actions to appropriate areas of Council to progress:

(i) the establishment of a community working group which comprises members of the community, Councillor McKay and other Councillors as the need arises and staff representation;

(ii) the allocation of staff resources to work with the Maleny community to undertake more detailed investigations and technical assessments within areas 4, 6, 7 and 7a of the Approved Concept Plan and report the findings back to Council for consideration.

(iii) continuation of actions to meet outstanding contractual obligations (Strategic Property Unit);

(iv) preparation of Planning Scheme Amendments (Strategic Planning Unit);

(v) Master Planning for site (Environment, Landscape & Recreation Unit (South) with input from an Integrated Team established for this project);

(vi) determine and action appropriate management arrangements across the site (Strategic Property and Community Services); and

(vii) progress actions for the sale of the rural residential and residential area(s) identified on the Approved Concept Plan (Strategic Property Unit);

(c) identify $350,000 in the first quarter review of the 2008/2009 Annual Financial Plan for the upgrade to Porters Lane, to later be recouped through the sale of the two rural residential lots on the precinct.